Out with the Old and In with the New – But Slowly

by Sandie Rhodes

Many of our readers are aware that the Fairview Town Crier took up residence in a larger space shared with The Hub of Fairview in November 2016. I started The Hub to extend resources available within our Fairview community. Now folks can send a fax, make a copy, pick up a gift basket of local products, find locally crafted gifts, get them wrapped, add a card, enjoy and purchase fine art, rent an attractive, functional room for meetings, workshops or social gatherings, and more. The Hub is not going to close, although it may change. (More on that in the next issue).

Beginning with this new year, I will man the Crier and The Hub office on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and Annie MacNair will work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be new hours of 11am-5pm but, as always, please contact us if you have a special need, and we will try to meet you earlier or later to help if we can. This new arrangement will actually expand the Crier’s hours to the community.

I will no longer physically sit at the computer putting the newspaper together each month, designing ads or editing copy. That’s all going to our new production team, Clark Aycock and Lisa Witler (husband and wife), who have been working behind the scenes in various capacities for well over a year now. Annie MacNair, our bookkeeper for the past two years, will continue in that capacity and also keep her office manager role. Patti Parr, who took over organizing volunteers for our monthly mail labeling party, will also remain in her position.

Sometime between late spring and July 30 (my 68th birthday), I will retire from being in the office entirely. Someone new will be running The Hub and rental room. She will maintain the basic services for the community and will be adding her own touch to the gift shop. You will meet her in the near future (either in the Crier or in The Hub),
but for now we are focusing on the transition of the Crier. I expect to remain as Publisher and Managing Editor for the next several years, to maintain continuity and responsibility for the administration and financial aspect of running the business, but will be doing so from home.

I will be available to everyone for brain picking from my archival memories of 15 years of the Crier and hope to get back to doing some interviews and writing more features for the paper, which is how I got started working for the Crier in the first place. Under the tutelage of then-editor Michael Cochran, I was given writing assignments and went out into the community to meet people and write about them. I loved doing that and look forward to more time to do it again. And, of course, I will bop around town and in and out of the office just to say hello. I make this decision to retire with a heart full of appreciation for the many rewarding experiences afforded me over the years. And also with the commitment of ensuring the Crier continues to highlight the best of our community and to serve each of you equally.

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