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Summer Roundup

by Bill Scobie

Don’t Pay Ransom

Ransomware, that malicious infection on your computer that encrypts and holds hostage your data, can affect quite a few businesses. Luckily there is a site that pulls together many of the tools and advice to help if you fall prey to this nasty attack. Check out and do it before you need to.

Oldsters Rule … Sometimes

I love any study that reminds anyone born before the early 1980s that millennials are not perfect with all technology. A recent study, sponsored by Dropbox, shows that many older adults are actually less frustrated by having to use a variety of different devices and machines in their work compared to the younger set. One theory is that younger people may be expecting the same type of screen interaction they are used to in their personal life and get frustrated with older style interfaces at work sites.

Hot Tips

During the summer you have to be careful about leaving computers, tablets and smartphones in the car during the day or even leaving them in direct sunlight in the house. They can overheat; luckily some devices, like the
iPhone, will tell you when they are too hot and will not run until you let them cool down. Certain cases can interfere with cooling. Since some batteries get hot as they charge, you may need to open up the case. Of course, some apps and games will also heat up your device, but at least those you can quit with flicks or taps.

Windows 10 Extensions

In Windows 10 Anniversary Update (that big, one-year update to Windows 10), the Microsoft Edge web browser is finally supporting extensions or plugins. You can now add functionality like Ad Block Pro, LastPass and more. You install them through the Windows Store by opening the Store, selecting Apps from the menu and going down to Extensions for Microsoft Edge. Over the next few months more extensions should be showing up in the Windows Store.

Minimal Macs

People with older Mac and iOS devices like iPads and such might want to check out Apple’s minimum hardware requirements for their next version of assorted operating systems; generally a Mac should be no older than 2010 models and iOS devices should be iPhone 5 or newer, or iPad 4 and up, iPad Mini 2 and up, and iPad Air or newer. More information on new features for Sierra for Mac is at and for iOS 10 at

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