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The Gardens of Fairview Tour
and Presentations, June 10-11

The Gardens of Fairview is an amazing collection of gardens and homesteads in our area. Last year, Jim Smith organized this tour and it was extremely well received, with more than 150 people wandering around Fairview to enjoy the variety of gardens.

This year’s self-guided tour is on Saturday, June 10, and patrons will have from 9:30 am to 3 pm to take in the green sites. There are eight gardens on the tour, varying in type and scope.

On Sunday, June 11, there will be five in-depth presentations at different gardens: community gardening, attracting butterflies, a green home and edible garden, a year-round garden, and all about bees. Pick up a detailed brochure, map and tickets at Trout Lily, The Hub of Fairview or The Garden Spot, or look for the tent at Saturday’s Fairview Farmers Market.

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