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Like Reading the Town Crier?

Many folks don’t realize the Town Crier was formed as a non-profit 20 years ago to mail free as a community service. Fairview has spread out and the paper has grown in delivery area, as well as services. The Crier has just moved into new, permanent space next door to its old office. It now shares space with The Hub and a meeting/conference room, which puts a full-service business center under one roof. As you are considering donations at the end of the year, we ask that you think of your community newspaper and what value it has to you, as well as others in our area. Recently, due to immediate need, the Crier purchased $500 worth of socks, hand warmers and bandanas for the firefighters. Your help is appreciated. A donation form is on page 19 of the December issue for your convenience or you can donate securely online at our website