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The VFD Needs Your Vote!

We at the Volunteer Fire Department do our best to serve. Now we need you to do your civic duty.

On June 11, between 9 am and 5 pm, the VFD must have a moment of your time — in person — to fulfill our duty to you. To do that we must have the in-person vote of at least 10% of the property tax-paying residents of the Fairview Volunteer Fire Department Fire District.

We need you and your neighbors and friends to attend a very short presentation and meeting. Unless 10% of you — those whom we gladly serve — attend, we cannot have this important vote at all.

To put it simply, our corporation bylaws, by which we are required by North Carolina law to follow in making all decisions affecting our ability to keep you safe, are over 30 years old! These bylaws are in desperate need of updating.