Blue Ridge Classic Fun Run Festival by Lee Pantas, Coordinator

KIDS - Fun Run FlierParents, if you have children who like to run, or you have some you wish would start running, the 1st Annual Blue Ridge Classic Fun Run Festival is for you. It will be held Saturday, April 18, 5–8 pm at Reynolds HS after the conclusion of the well-known high school Blue Ridge Classic Track & Field Meet. It will be a fun-filled evening of races and activities aimed at promoting running, fitness, proper nutrition and good health for children. The entry fee is $5 per runner online at or at the festival.

Organized by the coaches and coordinators who put on the track meet (one of the largest in the South), and supported by major area youth and running organizations, the Fun Run Festival will feature five safe and exciting races for various ages. The emphasis is on having fun, and learning to run.

Each runner will receive a Participation Ribbon and a Runner’s Prize Bag containing healthy snacks, a festival wristband, coupons and giveaways from the festival’s many sponsors and randomly placed in the bags, super prizes including passes, coupons and gift cards. There will also be traditional podium awards for the Top-three finishers for each grade both boys and girls.

In addition to the races, there will also be free “Learn How To” instruction sessions held on the tennis courts, and hosted by high school champion athletes. These will be short instructional sessions to teach young runners how to stretch and do strength exercises correctly, running drills and more. The concession stand will also be open all day and evening.

And sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike will be the Festival Race Mascots. High school athletes dressed up as hamsters, raccoons, red foxes, coyotes and black bears will be on the track to cheer on the runners, and in some races actually run with the kids to encourage them. Also in attendance during both the track meet and the festival will be the famous KIA Hamster to meet the runners and be available for photo ops.

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