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Past Zoom Events

Fairview Artists Series: Woodturning (February 5, 2021)

Inspired by Burns, Again (January 18, 2021)


August 2023

Flesher's Wish List


US Dept of Agriculture page
NC Dept of Agriculture plant protection page
NC Coop Extension page


June 2023

Weather hurricane forecast
NOAA hurricane prepardness


April 2023

Cane Creek Chronicles

Sibley’s Bird Guide to Eastern North America

BirdCast Bird Migration Tracking Website

eBird Website

Merlin Bird Song ID App

North Carolina Bird Atlas, Oteen SE Priority Monitoring Block


ACRHS band photos

February 2023

Cane Creek Chronicles

How’s My Waterway? website
Quick Summary
Impaired Waters Lesson Plan
Summary Definitions of Types of Impairment (PDF download)
Citizen-Times's French Broad Listing Article 

December 2022

Cane Creek Chronicles
2015 Town Crier article (see page 28)
Monarch life cycle, migration, risks, and conservation strategies
Foodplants for Monarch caterpillars
Eastern US Monarch population


November 2022

Computer Bytes
Facebook/Meta malicious apps

Twists and Turns: Creation from Destruction
Tom Milroy's poem


October 2022

Cane Creek Chronicles

BirdCast (enter your local county or state at the prompt)
Blue Ridge Audubon Chapter (for more about local area birding, including fall hawk watch events from the Blue Ridge Parkway overlooks)
Basics about bird migration
For more information about turning outdoor lights off at night
For more about the overall totals of migrating birds
Spring migration vs. fall migration
The migration of Blackpoll warblers


September 2022

2002 Crossword puzzle answers


August 2022

Cane Creek Chronicles

Merlin App Instructions


July 2022



Blue Ridge Audubon Birdathon

National Parks 2016 BioBlitz

National Geographic BioBlitz program


April 2022


Vegetation Index

Commissioner's Corner

Budget Explorer Dashboard


March 2022

Cane Creek Chronicles

Species spotted in Fairview

eBird checklist

Breeding behavior codes


February 2022

Computer Bytes

Apple's Legacy Contact guide

Google’s Inactive Account Manager


January 2022

Comprehensive Plan

Session calendar

Online input