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Past Zoom Events

Fairview Artists Series: Woodturning (February 5, 2021)

Inspired by Burns, Again (January 18, 2021)

December 2021
Computer Bytes

Lifehacker guide to getting rid of Facebook

October 2021
Weather Corner

Appalachian State map map

Commisioner’s Corner

Buncombe County COVID vaccine info

September 2021

A.C. Reynolds PTSO application form

August 2021
Computer Bytes

Force restart an iOS device

May 2021

Register for Storytime for Kids


More ways to protect salamanders
Common salamanders of North Carolina

April 2021

Storytime Zoom registration link

Appalachian Music Lunch & Learn registration link

People & Community

Special Olympic Winter World Games

March 2021

Storytime Zoom registration link

Computer Bytes

Chrome’s Canary
MOON in Real Time I


Star-nose mole links
Link 1Link 2Link 3Link 4Link 5

WastePro 2021 Schedule
February 2021

Soil & Water Conservation District Student Scholarship


Digging Deeper Into Gardening registration

Computer Bytes

Phishing tutorial
Everything Toolbar

Oral History Project

Link to Fairview histories
Link to Betty Cunningham archive

Black History Month

Burton Street Peace Garden
Soul Fire Farm
Rise & Root Farm
BUGS (Black Urban Growers)
National Black Food & Justice Alliance

January 2021

Candy cane location video


Pat Stone storytelling event link


Hike challenge signup link

Commissioner’s Corner

United Way hotline
County COVID testing info and resources

Computer Bytes

Apple/iOS accessibility
Droid accessibility

Kids & School

Washington Post article
Taylor Dale’s TikTok post

People & Community

Pandemic of Love forms | Get Help or Give Help

December 2020
Volunteer Group to Help Dog Owners

Melanie Star Scott’s original post

Pictures and text about the first completed project
(you must be a member of the group to view these posts)


Registration link for Kids in Park program

Robert Burns event

Article in the Crier (including Kate O’ Shanter)

November 2020

Buncombe County Public Libraries Community Survey


NC Wildlife

US Fish & Wildlife

October 2020

Science behind fall color

Appalachian State Biology department links

NOAA’s El Nino and La Nina pages Link 1 Link 2

Days Gone By

Photo of Dr. Polly King

Photo of Hiram King

Backyard Chickens

NC State Poultry Extension

Backyard Poultry


USGS page on watersheds

EPA Headwater Stream Studies

Find your watershed

September 2020
Absentee Ballots

 Absentee ballot request form


NC Board of Elections: Absentee Voting in North Carolina
NC Board of Elections: Statement About Absentee Ballot Security in North Carolina
Reuters: North Carolina to expand absentee voting access in 2020 elections
Buncombe County Board of Elections: Absentee Voting
NC Voter: How to Vote by Mail with an Absentee Ballot
The State of the Nation: A 50-State COVID-19 Survey. Report #7: Update on Vote by Mail

Computer Bytes

Todoist survey

Reddit community


Certified wildlife habitat Link 1 Link 2

August 2020
Robert Burns

Article in the Crier (including Kate O’ Shanter)

Hugh Farrell performs Tam O’ Shanter
(This is a large file; make sure you have a good internet connection. Also, the shakiness and focus issues end at around 26 seconds.)

Computer Bytes

Exploring Accidental Triggers of Smart Speakers

July 2020

Virtual July 4th Concert

for the LOVE of Fairview Geese

County pools info

NOAA Hurricane Forecast

New Rochelle High School Fire Link 1 Link 2

June 2020

Fairview Oral History Project
(When you’re on the page, click the box next to “Oral History” in the “Type” choices on the left. You’ll then click on one of the PDF images.)

Charles Schoof profile

Vietnam documentary

Computer Bytes


Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

The British Museum

The Vatican Museum

The Louvre

Guggenheim Bilbao Museum | Google


Events calendar

Facebook page

May 2020

Events calendar

Facebook page


Snakes video

Spiders video

Lichen hike

School Board

Donate link

April 2020

Weather: warming up or soil temperatures Link 1 Link 2

March 2000

Real ID

February 2020
Computer Bytes

Windows 10 with Open Shell

Course Root



Mr. Jimmy

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January 2020

Android phones without Google apps

December 2019

Cane Creek Middle School craft fair event page

November 2019

Fraser firs


Rowdown Throwdown signup page

Best Behavior

Entourage Effect of CBD

October 2019

ExploreAsheville’s fall color map

App State’s fall color map


RSVP to League of Women Voters

August 2019

Hurricane Season Outlook


Build Your Own Chimney Swift Tower

July 2019

NOAA hurricane forecast

Computer Bytes

Rice Is for Dinner, Not Repair

Computer Bytes

CrystalDiskMark for Windows

Smart Reporter Lite for macOS

June 2019

AC Reynolds online form


$5 radon test kit survey

A Citizen’s Guide to Radon (PDF)


Picture of mushrooms in the dark

April 2019

County Day Hike Series

Your Pet

US Food and Drug Administration

Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine