Interested in writing for the Crier?

Great! First things first:

We are a nonprofit newspaper. Our mission is to support the greater Fairview community’s residents, businesses, and charitable groups as equally as possible. This affects our editorial policy in the following ways:
• Since we can’t offer equal treatment to everyone and every business with only 12 issues a year, we don’t allow either praise or criticism of any entity or person. For the same reason, we don’t allow people or businesses to promote themselves in articles.
• Since we can’t give equal space to all political parties and opinions, we don’t publish political opinions.

Article basics

  • The article should be of local interest or practical to the reader. Local means Fairview, Gerton, Reynolds, and Fletcher.
  • We like to keep things positive. ?
  • There is no fee to submit an article or to have it published.
  • The deadline for submission is the 10th of every month. (For a February issue, the deadline would be January 10).
  • Your article should be between 400 and 650 words.
  • Send all images attached in an email. Please do not embed them in a document. You can request that we find an image to accompany your article.
  • You can include a short bio (30 words max).
  • If you’d like to write something longer, contact the editor.
  • If you’d like to write a regular column (which doesn’t have to be every month), contact the editor.

For any more information or clarifications, contact the editor at [email protected].

If you’d like to submit an article about your business or industry, please read on:

Over the years, the Crier has received many requests to publish articles highlighting individuals or businesses. As a non-profit newspaper our mission is to support everyone in the community equally and to adopt a policy of not endorsing or criticizing any person or business. Since the Crier publishes only 12 issues per year, there is not sufficient space to profile every business, and therefore the paper’s business coverage is limited to new businesses or anniversary announcements.

However, we do also try to provide a platform for advertisers to submit general interest articles we feel our readers will enjoy (for example, medical tips from a health care provider). Here’s a good example. To satisfy this need and continue to generate needed advertising revenue, we request the purchase of a display advertisement (of at least ⅛-page size) from those submitting business/industry-related articles. (We can be flexible with pricing for smaller or first-time advertisers.) The Crier cannot guarantee in which issue an article or ad will be published, but will publish both as soon as there is space, and preferably in the same issue. Articles may not run in back-to-back months, but ads may. All articles must be approved by the editor.

If you’d like to write a regular column (which doesn’t have to be every month), contact the editor.

If you would like to submit an advertorial, please see guidelines here.