Robert Henry

Robert Henry was born in Mecklenburg (now Gaston) County, NC, on February 10, 1765. He was the son of Thomas Henry (1719–1787) and Isabella Martha Shield (1728–1821). At age 10, Henry attended the signing of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. He fought on the American side in the Revolutionary war at the Battle of Kings Mountain and at the Battle of Cowan’s Ford on the Catawba River under General William Davidson, who was killed in the battle.

Henry moved to what is now Buncombe County soon after it started being settled by white colonialists. He taught at the first school in Buncombe County, which was called Union Hill School. It was where the old Newton Elementary School was, next to the Newton Academy Cemetery.

Next, Henry studied law. He became the solicitor of Buncombe County and later opened a criminal practice. He was said to be one of the most distinguished criminal lawyers Buncombe County ever had.

Henry later built a resort at Sulphur Springs in what is now West Asheville. He operated the resort there for many years. Later in life, he moved to Clay County, NC, where he died on February 6, 1863, at age 98. He had been a soldier, schoolteacher, surveyor, lawyer, farmer, hotel keeper and politician.

Henry married Dorcus Bell Love (February 9, 1797–February 5, 1857), daughter of Robert Gustavus Adolphus Love and Mary Ann.

Robert and Dorcus Henry had six children.

1. Mary Louise Henry was born in Buncombe County on September 3, 1815, and died on April 6, 1849. She married Reuben Deaver.

2. Robert Marcellus Henry was born in Buncombe County on February 10, 1821, and died in Haywood County on November 15, 1885.

3. Eliza Henry was born in Buncombe County in 1822 and died in 1915. She married Edward John Arthur.

4. William Lewis Henry was born in Buncombe County on November 24, 1823, and died in 1900. He married Cornelia Catherine Smith.

5. Martha Ann Henry was born in Buncombe County on June 29, 1825, and died there on December 18, 1896.

6. James Love Henry was born in Buncombe County on December 24, 1835, and died on October 6, 1884. He married Belle Everett Floyd.

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